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Concrete Polishing Services

Durable Coatings offers concrete polishing & staining for commercial, industrial & residential floors in Phoenix, Arizona. Recent developments in concrete grinding & polishing equipment & design choices have brought polished concrete to the forefront of flooring options. Today with diamond polishing technology plain concrete surfaces can be designed & polished to a mirror like finish. Though it was once found mostly in commercial & industrial settings, since the turn of the century homeowners are also opting for polished concrete flooring as they discover the cost savings, benefits & design possibilities.

Eco friendly polished concrete floors offer numerous benefits making it an ideal choice for most homes or business areas with existing concrete. There is no need to add additional flooring materials. A polishing machine and skilled craftsmen can transform the concrete into a beautiful, low maintenance floor that can last a lifetime. The multi step polishing process involves hardening & densifying the concrete. The result is a practically permanent floor that will never need replacing.

Concrete Polishing Services

Concrete Polishing

Concrete is mechanically ground, polished & hardened with a densifier product.

Concrete Grinding

Leveling the floor & removing any existing surface coatings such as mortar, grout, thinset, glue, paint & epoxy.

Grind & Seal

A less expensive & popular method of polishing concrete. It involves less mechanical grinding & the polish is achieved by applying a topical sealer.

Maintenance Buffing

Occasional buffing with a hair pad to maximize the shine of polished concrete.

Concrete Polishing Services



Semi Gloss

High Gloss

Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Many design options (grade level, finish level, colors, patterns, engraving)
  • Can replicate stone & marble at a lower cost
  • Cost effective:
  • Great value & affordability-can cost less up front & to maintain than other types of flooring
  • Cost efficient & sustainable-makes use of existing floor material without adding additional materials
  • Lower cost over life of floor compared to other types of flooring
  • A great alternative to all types of flooring
  • Highly reflective, can brighten the area & reduce lighting requirements
  • Can be completed with less downtime than other types of flooring, space can be occupied immediately after work is complete
  • Low Maintenance:
  • Never needs replacing
  • Never needs waxing (sealers or other types of coatings are optional)
  • Only required maintenance is a weekly sweep & damp wiping, semi annual hair pad buffing to maximize shine (if floor is regularly exposed to harsh chemicals you may apply stain guard every 6-12 months)
  • A seamless finish that won’t hide dust, dirt, & allergens
  • Hypoallergenic, resists mold, mildew & bacteria
  • Highly Durable:
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Stands up to high foot traffic, heavy equipment, tire wear, high impacts & loads
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Repels moisture & resists stains from water, oil & chemicals
  • Efficient & Eco Friendly:
  • No toxic emissions
  • Non-slip, not slippier than normal concrete when kept clean and dry. Can be less slippery than tile or marble. Anti slip additives can be added during routine cleaning to add additional traction if desired.
  • Same acoustic qualities as wood, stone and tile

Where To Use Polished Concrete Flooring

Any area with a concrete slab can have either polished concrete or epoxy coated concrete flooring. This applies to any residential, commercial or industrial, public or private area: garages, warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail areas, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, showrooms, clubs, museums, etc.


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